Orlai Production Office

Founded in 1998, the Orlai Production Office has been creating theatre plays since 2006. Throughout these years they have become one of the most important independent theatres of the Hungarian scene.

Since 2010, most of their performances were held in the Belvárosi Theatre, where they performed a number of hugely successful plays, such as One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Bori Péterfy, Tamás Szabó-Kimmel, and Pál Kocsis, or All about Eve with Judit Hernádi and Patrícia Kovács. The Orlai Production Office often produces experimental studio plays which attract a smaller audience besides the ones that are more popular. Their repertoire includes plays such as A csemegpultos naplója (Deli Counter Diaries) by contemporary author  Márton Gerlóczy, or the a show, entitled Kripli Mari, in remembrance of renowned Hungarian actress  Mari Jászai,  performed by Kati Lázár.