Art Market Budapest

Founded in 2011, ART MARKET BUDAPEST is an international contemporary fine arts fair presenting a unique compilation of artists and exhibition spaces in one of Europe’s most special exhibition halls every year, Besides internationally renowned artists, the fair’s aim is to support the emerging stars of the future by providing international exposure to new galleries and young artists.

ART MARKET BUDAPEST has been rethinking social and geographical borders and created a new cultural region. The result of thsi process is the concept of YOUNG EUROPE which builds on fresh artistic inspirations coming from post-communist countries from the Baltic states to the Balkan, in the south from Turkey and Israel, in the east from Middle-Asian countries as much as from the new and progressive generation of artists from more developed Western countries. And what can be more engaging than a contemporary art fair that is GLOBAL AND LOCAL at the same time?

The significant international interest, the exhibitors from more than 30 countries, and the international audience that exceeds 25,000 visitors, made it obvious that the art world as well as the wider public have a need for this special meeting.

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