Júlia Huzella

Júlia Huzella, actress

Júlia Huzella was born in 1983 in Budapest. She graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Gábor Máté’s class. She has played in the József Katona Theatre and the National Theatre in Győr as well as several independent companies including the Gólem Theater, the Táp Theater, the KOMA Company, and the Grund and Momentán improvisational theater groups.

Currently she is playing Roxie Hart in Chicago at the Átrium Theater, directed by Róbert Alföldi, and she also has a role in As You Like It at the József Katona Theater, directed by Dániel D. Kovács.


“What are these events good for? For us to learn that Júlia Huzella can perform the poems of Ernő Szép in the form of chansons that if someone would think that cabaret shows’ time is over, they rethink it really quickly.”


Her list of films and series include: The Ambassador to Bern (d.: Szász Attila), For Some Inexplicable Reason (d.: Gábor Reisz), The Curse (d.: Áron Mátyássy), Ebéd előtt (Before Lunch, d.: Simon Szabó), On the Bench (d.: Csaba Vékes), Viadal (Bout, d.: Péter Szeiler), Valakinek a valamije (Somebody’s Something, d.: Gábor Reisz), Átalakítás folyamatban (Transformation in Progress, d.: Cristina Grosan), Ember a tűzből (Man from the Fire, d.: Simon Szabó), HhHH (d.: Cédric Jimenez).


Music and singing are important for Júlia.She speaks English and French.


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