What we do

The main activities of kortársPRos Kft. are press communication, crisis communication, sector and event communication as well as maintaining a dialogue through the channels of social media. The most important thing is that it’s all built on TRUST.

Among those in the fields of art or education only a minority recognizes the significance and the determining character of PR communication both on a personal, an institutional and an event level. Forming relationships, building trust and keeping it are among the most important tasks. Anybody, who wishes to have a successful enterprise, has to take these into account. In the cultural and the educational field there is an equal – if not larger – demand for a good Public Relations professional than in economy. 

KortársPRos Kft. has relevant, living connections and uses them consciously in the cultural and educational fields.

The greatest acknowledgement for us is when our partners experience with satisfaction that the trust with the most important projects or institutions are getting stronger. Trust can be measured by the growth of the interested audience.