Barbara Fábián

PR Account

During my short career as a journalist at a daily newspaper, I realized that I enjoy writing articles more than anything in the world. I also noticed that when  choosing a topic, I prefer culture over giving tips on how to make aspic or how to lower high blood pressure. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, in 2008 I started working at the Szeged Open-Air Festival and the Regional Art Center of Szeged (REÖK for short). This job was my everything. During the 10 years that I have spent there,, I learnt everything about theatre and cultural communication. In 2018, I took a brave step and I started working for kortársPRos in Budapest in hope of new challenges. Throughout the past few years, I had the chance to cultivate a very close and inspiring work relationship with a number of important personalities of Hungarian cultural life including both the theatre and the fine art scene. I passionately love the medium as well as the tasks; I could not live without theatre. I think there is nothing more liberating than meeting artists and getting to know their works every day in person. On the one hand, I am working towards creating a stable background for them, and on the hand, I would like to show the public that life can only become perfect with the enjoyment of art.

In 2018, I was accepted as a full member of the Hungarian Public Relations Association.