About us

Our mission is to build trust through communication in the fields of arts and culture.


Our experience is that relatively few participants in those fields realize the significance of PR communication both on a personal, an institutional and on an event-based level.

Winning someone’s trust with the help of building and nurturing a relationship is one of the most important tasks if you want to run a successful business. However groundbreaking a production/an artist/an achievement/an institution is, if they do not communicate a sufficient amount with their target groups, if they forget to use communication channels consciously and if they do not build a constructive public image, they will soon be broke and forgotten.

By having accumulated a number of relevant and living relations and by using those consciously in the fields of arts and culture, kortársPRos can help their partners achieve a wider visibility, their existence and uniqueness becoming more and more evident to others.      


We believe in the arts as a whole.

We work with key actors in various fields of the arts such as classical and world music, fine art, theatre, film and dance as well as literature. Thanks to this, we cover a wide range of the Hungarian cultural scene. 


We like earning the trust of artists.


We define goals.

The greatest recognition for us is when our partners, paired with a constant flow of information, are satisfied with the growth of trust towards the project or the institution they consider the most important. And that trust can be measured by the increasing number of interested audiences.   


Our services


PR in the fields of culture and the arts

Providing help in building relationships for projects, brands and artists; generating trust towards the parties; increasing ticket sales to shows


Press Communication

Strengthening the press releases of brands, projects and artists. Living relationships with online, offline and electronic media (topics include general, professional, women and lifestyle, and blogs and vlogs as well). Media monitoring, media buying, organizing press conferences       


Online and Social Media

Managing and operating Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages and websites; eDM management

Planning Marketing and Communication Strategies

Event communication, brand building, image campaign design and execution


Artist management


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